Friday, December 29, 2006


Where did the year go?????

I can't believe the year is almost over. Between work, Christmas, and Lorelei, I haven't had a second to myself for ages. I spent the week before Christmas in Louisville and I'm getting ready to go to Austin as soon as the New Year's holiday is over. Oh yeah, and I've been sick for so long that I can't remember when it started.

I've knit about 8 rows on Cozy in the last 3 weeks. I knit half a heel flap on my second Jaywalker sock. Oh and I cast on for Lorelei's dad's second sock. And then stopped.

Hopefully, I'll have time soon to knit again. And time to use the new swift that I bought myself for Christmas.

Happy New Year's Blogland!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Belated Birthday Post

Here it is Thursday and I still haven't posted about Lorelei's 2nd birthday.

We had a party on Saturday. There was Elmo Cake, presents, balloons, and 4 loud preschoolers (Lorelei, 2 cousins, and L's best friend). Except for the cake decorating stress and the lost marker cap scavenger hunt, it was a really good day. But I have decided that I'm not making fancy cake again unless I take a cake decorating class first - even with only 4 colors, Elmo was difficult to decorate.

On Monday, Lorelei started a new preschool/daycare. She seems to be doing fine and the teachers all love her already, but she does miss her friends from the old daycare.