Monday, January 29, 2007

First FOs of 2007

Well, January is almost over and what do I have to show for it?

A scarf! I used 4 balls of fat yarn and it only took me two weeks to finish a scarf. I think it looks more pink in real life, but Lorelei's dad took the picture and he's convinced that it's red.

I also knit a pair of mittens for my 5 mo old nephew. My first completed mittens. Each mitten only took me an evening, but sadly they are too small for his giant boy hands. So I'll be working on my second pair of mittens this week - hopefully this pair will fit better.

I also got a lot of work done on Cozy this month. I was stuck in Austin during the ice storm and spent two days knitting. Cozy is at about 20" now (or about 1/3 of the way completed). I'm also still working on some socks - I turned the heel of Jaywalker #2 this weekend and the second sock for Lorelei's Dad is about a row away from the heel.

I now have the yarn for my Perfect Sweater - I need to wind it into balls and start swatching.

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