Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm not dead

For years, I was jealous of other people's business trips. Now that I've had two trips (+ another next week=3)in 2 months, I'm tired. I'm glad that this next one will be the last for at least several months. My life has been so crazy that I never did finish sending out my christmas cards.

But the travel has gotten me some good knitting time. I'm half way through the foot on the second sock for Lorelei's dad. I started a new scarf - it's about 20 inches long so far. And I'm making plans for my first sweater project. I think I'm going to make a Perfect Sweater in dark blue Cascade 220. As soon as I finish up some other projects and order some yarn.

I'm not sure what other projects I want to attempt this year. Last year I did hats, scarves, socks, bags, I learned cables, knitting in the round, several cast on techniques, felting.

So in addition to my first sweater here are some possible projects -
  • Learn Fair isle - maybe a hat first.
  • Work on lace - I'm working on cozy. I think after this I'll be ready for something more complicated - like maybe my charlotte's web shawl.
  • Socks - there will always be socks. After I finish the two on the needles (both 2nd socks), I think I want to try something a little more complicated than the jaywalkers I've been working on (though I'll probably make some more jaywalkers too).
  • I also need to make some baby things for my friend who is due in March.
  • I guess I should finally finish the baby blanket I started for Lorelei's doll. I didn't find the log cabin thing as fun as everyone said it was, but I'll finish the thing anyway.

So that should keep me busy for a couple of months. Once work settles down, I'll start blogging more again. See you soon!

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trek said...

Oh, great, you just gave me one more thing in my never-ending to-knit list - thanks.

Thanks for visiting the blog, btw.