Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Lorelei's Dad is in California for two weeks for work, so this is a pretty sucky Valentine's Day so far. And the weather is yuck, so I decided to stay home and knit. And update my blog.

I finished a pair of booties last night. No pictures because a) it's the fourth pair I've done of these and b) Lorelei's dad took the camera to CA. This makes 6 FOs in 2007 - two pairs of baby mittens, 1 baby hat, 1 pair of baby booties, 1 pair of Fetching, and a scarf. OK, so most of them are tiny and took a couple of days but they still count as FOs. I'm also almost finished with a log cabin blanket for Lorelei's baby doll.

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