Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Friday!

The Friday before a holiday is always quiet at work and this Friday is no exception. Memorial Day is a big deal in DC. There is almost no one here at work today, except me of course. So I'm enjoying the quiet and not doing work. I have done almost no work today, but my sock has gotten more attention than it has in weeks.

We're now all moved into the new house. There are only a couple of boxes that still need to be unpacked. My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend. Our first visitors to the new place (not including the friends who helped us move). I wish I had had more time to get everything ready. At least my parents are coming for another two weeks, plenty of time to finish up the house.

So I haven't been knitting much lately. Unpacking boxes has been taking up all of my time. Well, that and the end of the tv season. Gilmore, Lost, Heroes - I've been getting all caught up on my tv. And I've been reading the Internet to see what everyone thought of the finales. Anyway, the second Roza sock is coming along. Only a couple of more inches before I start the toe. Cozy is coming along too. I LOVE cozy. I'm on ball 6 of 9 and it can now go around my shoulders. And it is warm and cozy and squishy and did I say that I love it. I'll almost be sad when I'm finished with the knitting of it. Maybe there'll be some picutres next week.

Have a great weekend!

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