Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Wednesday

In no particular order (because it's random!):
  • I spent the weekend sick. YUCK! I sat around for three days and wasn't even able to knit. I'm finally feeling a little better.
  • I drove past a sign today that said "NO 1 Carryout." I thought it said "NO Carryout." Wouldn't that be a strange sign?
  • I finished knitting a bootie (all except the finishing). This pair has now taken way too long to finish. Thank goodness I still have two weeks before the baby shower.
  • Still not finished with the second Roza sock. Maybe this week.
  • Lorelei's been invited to her first birthday party. It's for one of her classmates at school who's turning three. Who schedules a party for 2- and 3-year olds at 2 in the afternoon? That's nap time!
  • My parents are visiting this weekend. So I need to clean the house. All the attractions/museums/monuments in DC and my dad wants to go to the Insect Zoo. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  • I'm so excited that Hell's Kitchen is back. Donkey! Since The Apprentice sucks now, HK is my favorite reality show. I can't wait for Kitchen Nightmares this fall.
  • We went to the playground yesterday evening. Lorelei found a rock and immediately named it Rocko, after Zoe's pet rock on Sesame Street. She brought it home and was playing with it for hours.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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