Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lorelei Says the Darndest Things (LSTDT) #1

Lorelei's Dad has to work late tonight, so I let Lorelei help choose dinner as we were driving home.

Me: Do you want pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner tonight?
L: Ummm, how about cookies?
Me: No. Pizza or chicken nuggets?
L: Roni pizza.
Me: (huh?) You want macaroni and cheese?
L: No. Roni pizza.
Me: (finally getting it) OH - pepperoni pizza.

Later as we drove by McDonalds.
L: I want to get dinner.
Me: We're on our way home.
L: (Points at McD's) I want to go there.
Me: I thought you wanted pepperoni pizza.
L: No. I want that one tonight.

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