Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer of Socks Update

We're almost a month into the Summer of Socks, so let's see what I've done.

Finished Socks - 0
Socks in Progress - 3
I tried a couple of new cast on techniques on DPNs. Those didn't work out too well. But then I tried Judy's Magic Cast On with 2 circulars (I tried it with DPNs too but that didn't work for me). I LOVE it. And I'm really liking knitting with 2 circs. I'm also about to try a new short row heel. So, not many (or any) finished socks but lots of learning.
  • Jaywalkers - I'm almost to the toe (cuff-down) of the first sock. These have been pushed aside for more exciting projects lately, but I still love them. The beachy colorway is so pretty.
  • Tofutsies footies - I recently bought some Tofutsies (because a friend was curious about it and that's the kind of friend I am). The yarn feels lighter and cooler than most of the sock yarn that I have used, so I'm making some ankle socks. I'm doing these toe-up on 2 circulars and I'm almost to the heel on the first one.
  • Lorelei socks - Lorelei has been asking me to knit her some purple socks, so I've started. I've only spent a couple minutes working on these so far (usually when she bugs me) so I'm almost finished with cuff (cuff-down) on the first one. I'm sure if I sat down for a couple of hours that I could finish these up quickly. Maybe this weekend (yeah, right!).

I just finished up a big knitting project (pictures soon), so I should be able to finish up at least a couple single socks in the next week or two.

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