Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Thursday

  • I really meant to post yesterday, but as usual time got away from me.
  • Lorelei and I have been sick the last couple of weeks. Lorelei just finished up the anitbiotics for her double ear infection this morning and I'm almost back to normal after my cold.

  • FOs! - I got a little distracted by the sickness and Vday and I forgot to post pics of my FOs. First , Hedera. I LOVE these socks - the pattern is pretty, the fit is perfect, the old school KP Essentials is nice (the new Essentials is nicer, but this old stuff is still good), the color is perfect. But the pattern is so fiddly that I don't think I'll make these again. (Go to flickr to see other pics)

Next, the dishcloth from heck. I'd been planning on making this pattern for a while, I thought it was interesting and was just waiting for the right yarn. Turns out I HATE this pattern and will NEVER do it again. I only finished it because it was easier to just finish it. The yarn is still pretty and it's a dishcloth so it will get used.

  • Last week was my first Valentine's Day alone in at least 11 years. Not much fun.
  • The writer's strike is over. Yeah! New episodes in April, just in time for my birthday.
  • I'm loving the new season of Lost. The flash forwards are adding some excitement back into Lost.
  • Lorelei went ice skating for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Though it was mostly "Lorelei wore skates and made the adults push/drag her around the rink." She had a good time though and next time might actually try to skate by herself.

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