Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

  • Oscars! - The Oscars were Lorelei's dad's favorite night of the year (because he was a huge movie dork), so of course I stayed up to watch the entire thing. It wasn't that late, but apparently I'm an old lady because I have really been dragging today. Anyway, I found the show a little boring, which I guess is to be expected since the writers only had two weeks to work on it. I didn't really care about many of the nominees or winners, I really liked the songs from Enchanted - I may need to see the movie, George Clooney looked good as usual, and I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up - she's just so pretty and glamorous.

  • I finished some Lorelei socks. She had requested some "red socks" but when we looked at the stash she was unhappy with the selection of reds and picked some black/white yarn. So I present "Lorelei's black socks."

Yes, they're pretty plain, but I'm really happy at the way they turned out.

  • I started a pair of monkeys. I've already finished the first two repeats. I'm using some yummy etsy yarn that my friends bought for me - the colorway is Chocolate Cherry Truffle.
  • Lost = GREAT!
  • SNL - I actually thought it was funny for a change. Maybe that was because Tina Fey was back. The show hasn't been the same since she left.

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nanni said...

I am lucky and have gotten to see the beautiful monkeys. Nice pattern choice for that yarn!