Thursday, November 03, 2005

May the Force be with someone else

So the last Star Wars movie came out on DVD this Tuesday. And of course, my husband had to run out and buy it the first day it was released. So I now have something like 12 Star Wars movies in my house (I'm afraid it's actually more than 12). You'd think that once we had all 6 on DVD that there would be no more. Sadly, there seem to be plans for a new box set with all 6 that my husband just has to have. I'm not sure that these plans exist anywhere except husband's head, but whatever....

And now he tells me that he needs to buy The Clone Wars (all 3 series). Don't even get me started with the toys, etc.

When will it ever end?????

1 comment:

Gabe said...

It will never end. :-)