Thursday, November 03, 2005

My latest irritation

So Lorelei is 11 months old today. I can't believe that this first year is almost over.

Anyway, I'm starting to get irritated with her daycare. Her infant class is divided into two halves - the younger babies and the older babies. Lorelei is still on the younger side. Half of her class will turn 1 within the next two months and they are still treated like babies.

Part of the problem is the turnover in teachers/administrators in the last 2 months. First the director tried to leave for a new position and her replacement quit before she even started. So the center has been without a director for a month. Next, of the 6 teachers in the infant room, 3 have recently left/been fired. The new people in the room are all temporary, none of them knows my child and she's not learning anything new. And the teachers that have been there and DO know my child are too busy training new staff to spend enough time with Lorelei.

If this daycare center wasn't right next to my office, I would be looking for a new one already. But I love being able to visit whenever I want during the day. And it's easier for me to keep an eye on the center when it's next door. They had better shape up soon!

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justanothernickname said...

i'm just know bored.......i'll be back.......k....bye