Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame

A baseball timeline:
1996 - I think baseball is a boring sport. I meet Lorelei's Dad who thinks that baseball is the best sport ever.
1997 - The Florida Marlins are in the World Series (and win), so I am forced to watch many hours of boring baseball.
2000 - We move to South Florida - home of the Florida Marlins.
2003 - We go to a couple of baseball games and I find out that my friend is a Mets fan. Early in the season the Marlins and Mets are battling it out for last place in the division and baseball starts to become interesting to me. Then the Malins get good and again go to the World Series (and win).
2004 - I am now a Florida Marlins fan. We went to the opening day game. And then I got pregnant and was too queasy to go to more games. So,I would come home from work everyday for months and watch the games on tv.
2005 - We move to DC. DC has just gotten the Nationals/Expos who are in our division so at least I'll be able to watch the Marlins when they play the Nats. Wrong! So few of the Nationals games were televised last year that I never got to see the Marlins.
2006 - We get MLB extra innings - up to 60 games a week. And Lorelei wore her Malrins jersey yesterday. She was adorable, but wouldn't stand still for a picture. Maybe next time.

So yesterday was Opening Day. I was all excited to see my Marlins play the Astros, since I've paid lots of money to do so. And the cable schedule had the Marlins coverage start at 8 (an hour after the game starts). Ok, so we miss the first hour - no big deal. But then the game before went late, so the Marlins game was half over before I could start watching. Oh well, maybe tonight's coverage will be better.

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