Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad Blogger

I admit - I've been a bad blogger. I've been too tired and busy the last few weeks to worry about my poor blog. So - randomness today! And on Random Wednesday, too.
  • My little brother is getting married in a week and a half. I'm very excited! I like his fiancee, I've never been to New Mexico before, and I get a couple days off work (and maybe there will be time for knitting). Yeah!
  • I've been working on a lot of small knitting presents. My latest nephew was born last week (12 lbs.) and I made him some booties and a Mason-Dixon bib. I'm also making some things for my brother's wedding present. Then I need to make presents for my next nephew who's due next month.
  • I did finish the first Jaywalker sock last week. I'll probably cast on for its mate before my trip. Pictures will be posted after both socks are complete. I do love this sock and can't wait until I have two so that I can wear them.
  • I cast on for the first Lorelei's dad's sock (about 4 or 5 times). This will also travel to NM with me.
  • The Irish Hiking scarf is going to move to the top of the list soon. I want it finished before it gets cold.
  • Lantern Moon sent me a replacement for my broken needle. Yeah!

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