Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello Internets!!!

Hello to all in blogland. I've missed you, too. The insane heat coupled with a week of work training (far from my computer) have kept me from blogging for a while. Also from reading other people's blogs (very sad), but I'm slowly catching up on my writing and will soon catch up on my knitting and blogging.

Picovoli is complete except for the weaving of ends. Of course it's a little too hot to wear it now, but I'll try to finish it up this weekend if only to get it out of my knitting basket. I did take a picture already, but the picture is sitting on Lorelei's Dad's computer and I need to get it. I'll post the picture soon.

Jaywalker #1 - I have about 1/4 of an inch left before I start the toe. This should also be finished up this weekend. In addition to starting #2, I'm thinking about starting some socks for Lorelei's Dad. I already have the yarn and he wants plain boring socks (not that there's anything wrong with that), so I'm going to try to start them soon.

I'm still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf (occasionally). I've got about 57 inches complete of the requested 72 (or alternately, 3 1/2 balls of yarn out of 5).

I've frogged the sock from hell and requested a replacement needle from Lantern Moon. Soon I'll be able to put the whole incident behind me. I think I'll start looking for a new pattern for the hell socks so there won't be any traces of hell left. So any sock pattern suggestions for KnitPicks Simple Stripes yarn?

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