Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Tuesday

  • Jaywalker - half way through the foot of the first sock. I hope the second sock goes faster (since I know the pattern), but I'm sure that it will take twice as long.
  • Picovoli - only a couple more inches to go before it's finished. Right now it would make a cute belly shirt, if I had a cute belly to go with it.
  • I'm sheep - like everyone else in the knitting world. I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting and I knit a dishcloth. I don't even use dishcloths (I'm a sponge girl). And that log cabin rug is starting to look like fun. What is wrong with me??

  • My favorite tv shows right now: Hell's Kitchen (go Heather!), So You Think You Can Dance (go Donyelle!), and Entourage (I love Jeremy Piven).
  • Press Tour has gone downhill since the CW news. I found out Patricia Wettig won't be on Prison Break this season. The new Calista Flockhart show looks like it's going to have problems (they're rewriting and recasting), which is too bad. The promo I saw looked interesting and it has a good cast. Heroes looks promising even though it has Milo. I've never been a Milo fan and now that Alexis Bledel broke up with him, he has even fewer redeeming qualities.
  • Lorelei is speaking in sentences now. And she actually sat still long enough for me to cut her bangs last night (well long enough for me to cut them badly).

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