Saturday, November 04, 2006

Almost 2

(NOTE: I started this post on Saturday, but Lorelei didn't let me finish it.)

Lorelei is now 23 months old (as of Friday). I haven't been writing much about Lorelei lately - probably because I can't keep up with all the new things she does and says every day.
But here are some highlights:

  • We switched her crib to a big girl bed a couple of weeks ago. She hasn't fallen out of bed too many times (usually because she's playing) but she's been having trouble going to sleep. She's been going to sleep at 10pm, which is when I want to go to sleep so I haven't had much time to watch tv, knit, pay bills, or clean the house.
  • Lorelei was playing "air piano" today. She loves to play her piano(s) and sing.
  • Lorelei can sing her ABCs but she usually skips j-l. Of couse sometimes when she's in a hurry she skips D-Y.
  • Lorelei can count to 2. 1,2. 1,2. 1,2. I guess we need to start working on 3.
  • She knows the names of all the colors, but she almost never gets any correct. First everything was yellow, this week everything is red.
  • Her new word is "later." As in see you later. I keep thinking of Dazed and Confused when the stoner guy keeps saying "check you later."

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