Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving update

I finally took pictures of all my WIPs, but it took so long to get them from the camera to the computer that one fo them is already an FO. So, let's get to the pictures.

This is the basic cable hat from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. I actually finished this last night and wore it to work this morning. The pattern was pretty easy, though I added a couple of pattern repeats so that it covered more of my ears. I think I'm going to try to make one for Lorelei - if I take out one or two of the cables it should fit her. I used a little more than one ball of KnitPicks Swish in Red Pepper (the pattern as written would have taken one ball).

I decided to make Lorelei a baby blanket for her doll baby so that I could try out log cabin without a large commitment. I'm really not a fan of the picking up stitches. I think the blanket is now at aobut 9 inches and I need it to be at least 18. I'll still try to get it finished by Christmas, but I don't see myself doing any more log cabins.

Fetching from Knitty only needs a thumb and some ends woven in. These were pretty quick to knit, but I need to concentrate on the thumb and Lorelei hasn't given me much time to myself lately. I made these with cashmerino left over from Lorelei's dad's Irish Hiking scarf.

Finally, this is Cozy, also from Knitty. Almost all of this was done in the car when we drove to FL. I'm really liking this as my first real lace project since 1) it's worsted weight yarn, 2) it's rectangular so that every row has the same number of stitches, and 3) there are only 8 rows of the pattern, so once I got past the first 11 rows (3 rows of edge and 8 rows of pattern) I knew all I needed to know for the rest of the shawl.

That's it for now. I'll post a Lorelei update soon - only a little over a week until her birthday!

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