Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's Monday and it's rainy. Is it any wonder that I'm totally unmotivated at work today?

I have been knitting lately. I finished a pair of socks for Lorelei. They're a little tight and they're wool - so she'll probably outgrow them before it's cool enough to wear them. Oh well. At least I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing next time. (I used leftover Opal yarn.)

I also finished a pair of ankle socks for me in Tofutsies. They're really comfortable but the yarn is kind of a pain to use.

If that's not enough, I've also started a Branching Out scarf. This picture is from last week, I'm over half way finished now. The yarn is leftover from Lorelei's scarf - it's wool/alpaca and very hairy.

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