Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Wednesday - Aug 29

  • I started a new hat. I have a post all about it planned out in my head. Hopefully, it will get written soon.
  • Ordered some pins for blocking (along with some yarn). They should arrive any day now and then I'll be able to block my branching out scarf. I also ordered yarn to make a couple more.
  • Jaywalkers are still coming along. Slowly.
  • Ravelry is still fun. I spent way too much time reading (not posting in) the forums. I also keep adding patterns to my queue.
  • We took Lorelei to the Air & Space and Natural History museums over the weekend. She was very excited to see the astronauts (space suits). I didn't even realize she knew what astronauts were. She's a huge fan of airplanes, helicopters, and rockets, so I guess it's not such a stretch that she would like astronauts.
  • I finally swatched for my Perfect Sweater. I think I need to buy some new needles and then I'll be able to start.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting the new Fall tv season, NFL games, and baseball playoffs (even though my Marlins will not be playing).
  • I'm planning my vacation for October. We had originally planned to go to Disney World, but decided to just drive up to Pennsylvania for a couple of days. And go to The Mannings. Is it wrong to plan my vacation around a yarn store?

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