Thursday, December 06, 2007

What happened to my week?

These last 7 days have been a little crazier than usual.

It all started with Lorelei's third birthday party. Actually it started with a visit from my parents and lots of time in the kitchen. I made a lasagna for the party as well as a cake, cupcakes, and blue frosting. In keeping with our Blue's Clues theme, I made a blue round cake with blue cupcakes to simulate a paw print (as seen in the Blue's birthday episode). [Photos will be added later, I'm pretty proud of that cake]

The party was good, though small. We only invited one of Lorelei's friends and her three local cousins. With friend's brother, there were 6 kids under 5 in my little house. More than enough.

Monday I took a day off work and wrapped presents. Santa is all ready to make an appearance at our house. BTW, Lorelei will have her first visit with Santa on Sat morning.

Yesterday, we had our first snow of the season. It was pretty, but it made the roads icy today.

All in all, a very busy week.

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