Tuesday, September 19, 2006

KIP Day (aka Jury Duty)

I spent yesterday (morning) at jury duty. I started with the bottom of my booga bag finished and now have an almost complete bag.

I think I was the only one knitting yesterday, most likely because the jury summons included a scary note about security. But I made sure to bring the project with the #10.5 circs and I didn't have any problems - it might have been different if I had brought my sock project with its tiny, sharp needles.

I'm completely in love with Noro now. I love the funky, bright colors. I love the way the wool feels as I knit with it. I'm almost ready to make Lizard Ridge even though it would cost way too much money and I would never have the patience/time right now to make an afghan. But I LOVE Kureyon.

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