Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy to me!*

I had planned to post on Sunday about how it was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

But then the storm decided to knock out my power for 15 hours. Yeah! So I didn't get to post.

Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, yesterday Lorelei's Dad and I bought a house. Our first house.

So there has been lots of packing lately, but not much knitting, or anything else fun for that matter. I had thoughts of taking Lorelei to the zoo this weekend, but the yucky weather had us changing plans. Instead there were legos and Elmo and the princess movie (Cinderella for those that don't speak Lorelei). Lorelei also had a good time helping to make my cake, but she's getting to that age where she spends more time sticking her finger in the bowl than she does helping. She's a smart one!

By the way - when is Spring coming back?????

* "Happy to you" was what Lorelei used to say when she was less verbal. She's able to say the whole "Happy Birthday to you" now.

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knitnthings said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! A house wow! Best wishes for an uneventful easy transition.