Thursday, April 26, 2007


Who would have imagined that tricycles can be so stressful?

For the last several months, Lorelei has expressed interest in a bicycle (bicycle, tricycle - it's all the same to her). Whenever she saw one on tv, or the neighbor kids leave theirs lying around, etc. For a while the neighbor kids were leaving their bikes on the landing and Lorelei would try to get on every time we walked past, even though it was twice her size.

So I was planning to get her a tricycle after we moved to the new house (in a few weeks).

And then her preschool had a trike-a-thon. Where the kids learn about bike safety for a week and then bring in their trikes one day and ride for charity. So as we were leaving preschool on the one day, Lorelei tried to take someone's bike. [She's only two - she has some ownership issues. As in she thinks everything is hers or should be.] For days after that all we heard was "I want a bike. I want a bicycle." repeat ad nauseum.

Last weekend, we took Lorelei to the toy store to pick out a tricycle. She tried out about 4 of them. She would ride around a little bit (well, walk around, she doesn't understand how to use the pedals yet) and then "I don't like it." So we left without a tricycle. Of course as soon as we were back in the car, "I want a bike. I want a bicycle."

So Lorelei's Dad and I decided to just pick one for her. Dad bought one for her yesterday. She rode it for about 20 seconds. And then started screaming, "I want purple bicycle." [Dad had gotten the blue/red one since there were no more purple ones.] There was half an hour of the screaming tantrum. Dad threatened to return the trike.

So much drama! Hopefully, Lorelei will try out the trike again and decide she loves it. Otherwise, this saga may be continued...

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