Thursday, March 09, 2006

Next Up

I'm still working on Lorelei's dad's Irish hiking scarf (I've finished about 20 inches), but I've been planning so many projects that I thought I needed to write them all down (I love to make lists).
  • Wavy scarf for Lorelei's teacher (I have the yarn already)
  • Picovoli (the yarn should be delivered today)
  • 3 pairs of socks (I have yarn for the first pair, the rest of the yarn should be delivered today)
  • Sweater for Lorelei (I have the pattern, but need the yarn).
  • Scarf for me (I have the yarn, but I'm not sure what pattern)
  • Black purse (similar to the brown one I made earlier this year - I already have the yarn)
  • Baby booties for 3 babies this year (I have some yarn, may need more)

Also I'm starting to think about Christmas (can you believe that I've only been seriously knitting for 2 months???). I would really love to knit my MIL a shawl, but I'm not sure if that's a little to big a project for me right now. Maybe after I work down the list a little bit.


Marcin said...

Hello from Wolsztyn in Poland :)

knitnthings said...

HI - See what happens when you leave comments...I return the favor!

I'm so impressed you're thinking ahead for Christmas. A shawl for the MIL would be lovely and NOT to big a project. Do a goolge search for Kiri - it's very easy pattern for first time lace knitting and it's gorgeous!