Wednesday, May 03, 2006


When I knit, I jab the needle into my finger as part of my regular process. I know I do this with my little DPNs when I'm knitting socks, I'm not sure if I do it with larger needles. So my two main projects right now are my Opal socks on little bamboo DPNs and my Picovoli on a size 4 aluminum circular. My finger is a little abused from the sock already and last night I was working on my Pico when I jabbed my needle into my finger. Hard. It hurt a little but I kept on knitting. Today I noticed that there is a slice on my finger - it looks like a deep paper cut - from my knitting. I'm just glad it didn't draw blood.

I guess I need to be more careful, I don't want to get blood on my yarn.

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knitnthings said...

I do the same thing - I have a leather thimble thing that I use when I'm using pointer needles so I don't draw blood.