Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Update

  • I am officially a Knitting Blogger now. My little blog was added to the webring this week. I guess I should make sure I put up some pictures soon to prove I'm still a knitter.
  • Though there hasn't been much knitting this week. Lorelei has an ear infection and has been waking up in the middle of the night. So as a result I've been too tired to knit.
  • I have made a little progress on Picovoli and got a couple more rows of the Wavy scarf done - I'm almost halfway through and it's looking pretty good. I'm hoping to finish/fix the first Opal sock this weekend.
  • I've signed up for Summer of Socks. Hopefully, this will motivate me to knit up my growing sock yarn stash. It's hard to justify buying more sock yarn when I've only finished one pair of socks, have two started socks OTN, and have at least four more balls of sock yarn sitting in my stash mocking me, but sock yarn is just so pretty that I want more.
  • There have been some really good shows on tv this week. The series finale of Alias was really good. I liked how we saw bits and pieces of Syd's past. I felt like the finale closed everything up well. And the Lost finale was probably my favorite episode of this season. It had the feeling of Season One with the giant bird and the whispering. I'm hoping that the people in the hatch didn't die, but I guess I'll have to wait until Fall.
  • As far as series finales this season, I've been really happy with all of the ones I watched. Alias, West Wing, Will & Grace, Charmed all left me feeling complete and happy (and not like the finale of Seinfeld at all). I liked how Alias, W&G and Charmed all showed us a glimpse of the future. And I thought that the West Wing was perfect (even though I've barely watched the last two seasons) with the transition to the new administration.

Happy Friday!

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Welcome to the ring.

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