Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random Thursday

  • I've gotten to the bottom of the arm holes on my Picovoli. I think the next few inches should go pretty quickly. I'd been saving it to work on when I had lots of time and could concentrate, but the hard part (for now) is over so I should be able to work on this during my regular tv viewing.
  • I finished the first Opal sock, BUT the bind off was too tight so it won't go on my foot. I'm working on undoing the bind off, hopefully I can re-bind off looser next time. I may be destined to not knit socks. And it fit so perfectly too (until the bind off).
  • I've been in computer class all week for work, so I'm way behind in reading blogs and posting.
  • Lorelei's been sick this week, so VERY cranky. Being the mother of a toddler is hard enough, being the mother of a sick toddler is a lot of work. Especially when she wakes up at 4 in the morning.
  • The new Fall tv schedules are (coming) out this week. The final networks, FOX and CW, announce today. There are a couple new shows that look promising, but I'm not going to look too closely at them until closer to Fall.
  • Tonight is the final Will & Grace. I hope it's good.

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knitnthings said...

Oh - I'm making one of them (the Picovoli) can't wait to see pics of yours!