Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Best Monday Ever

Yesterday was a very good day!
  • I found out my promotion/raise was effective on May 15. How did I know? My bank account told me.
  • I also got a monetary award - in my bank account.
  • Lorelei used the potty for the first time at daycare - TWICE!
  • My brother bought his girlfriend an engagement ring. I just met her last weekend and I'm really happy for them.
  • I finally finished a sock (except for weaving in the ends). The first Opal sock is now 99% completed and fits my foot. I switched to a larger needle for the bind off just to make sure that it was looser. I think in the future that for all toe up socks I will change to a larger needle for the ribbing/bind off. One sock down, one to go. And only two more weeks until Summer of Socks! Pictures will be forthcoming.
  • My dog was very sick on Sunday, making messes all over my carpet. But yesterday she was feeling much better - no messes! She went to the vet, the vet thinks the baby fed the dog something bad. I need to keep a closer eye on Lorelei.

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