Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yeah, today is the start of Summer of Socks so I thought I would prioritize my sock projects for the next few months.
  1. Finish Opal socks (I'm not participating in the Most socks, so I don't need to worry that they were started two months ago).
  2. Socks from Hell - I think I'm going to frog and start from scratch using the Opal socks as a guide.
  3. Jaywalkers - my first pair. I have a couple balls of yarn that might work well, so if I like the first pair I may make a second.
  4. Socks for Lorelei's Dad - I just bought some black and white Opal that he likes.
  5. Socks for Lorelei - I think I'll have plenty of the purple Opal left over for some Lorelei-sized socks.

This should take me at least the next two months (if not the next two years). I also need to make some booties for my sisters-in-law who are having babies in Aug and Sept.

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trek said...

The socks are looking good!