Friday, November 02, 2007

Cooking is fun!

Confession time: I almost never cook. I love frozen pizza. I love people who deliver food to my door. One of the biggest problems about where I live is the lack of other people to cook me food (few delivery places, few restaurants). It's not that I don't like to cook - it's that I'm lazy and don't like to clean.

Somehow, with all of my food baggage (and extra poundage), I managed to spawn a child who would love nothing more than to spend her days in the kitchen cooking. Lorelei will watch Rachael Ray with the same intensity that she watches Elmo. Lorelei doesn't like frozen pizza because there's nothing to "cook."

When Lorelei was about 18 months old, her daycare class would make cake for the children's birthdays. All the kids in the class got to help stir. Lorelei thought that was the best thing ever. I got her a little bowl and spoon and she would sit and pretend to make cake for hours. Last Christmas, she got some pretend food, little pots, and a tea set. She loves to "cook" for me and make me pretend to eat it. But lately, that's not enough for her. She wants to make real food. She wants to help make dinner every night and is not happy if there's nothing for her to do.

I should be happy, since this suggests that soon Lorelei will be able to cook for me and I'll be able to sit on my butt watching tv. But knowing my life, as soon as she's old enough to cook unsupervised, she'll get bored and I'll still have to do all the cooking.

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