Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3

Only day 3 and already I'm having trouble thinking of things to write about - this is probably why I don't blog often.

So let's talk about what I'm knitting.
  1. I'm knitting a pair of husband socks. I'm using the woven stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks that he picked out with some Opal that he chose at MS&W '06. I'm up to the leg of the second sock (toe up) and while I love the way these are turning out, I'm still not sure what color the yarn is. It's blue and gray and either dark gray or green. It bothers me that I'm still not sure what color they are, but I guess as long as Lorelei's dad likes them it doesn't really matter.
  2. Wonderful Wallaby - I'm knitting a wallaby for Lorelei. I'm about ready to start the hood - this sweater has gone really quickly. I'm using Plymouth Encore worsted in Red (as specified by Lorelei). This has been a really simple sweater, I might even make one for myself one day. I love that the pattern has sizes from kids 2 to adult XXXXL.
  3. The Perfect Sweater - this is on hold because I wanted to get Lorelei's sweater finished before her birthday. But before I stopped I finished the back and one sleeve. I'm using dark blue Cascade 220.

Happy Weekend!

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