Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

Considering that I think I only left the house once this weekend, I feel like I had a pretty productive weekend. There was cleaning, organizing, filing, paying bills, knitting.

I starting cleaning off my desk, finding bills, paying bills, filing piles of papers. Sent out some cards that I've been planning for months to send out.
I found my leftover Christmas cards from last year, so I'm ready to start this year's.

I cleaned the toilet in my basement (which is used as often as the others). When we moved into this house in May, the toilet bowl was nasty. I assumed that it was stained, so I wasn't in any hurry to clean it. Turns out, the previous owners just left it nasty. I was able to make it white again.

I finished some baby bibs for a friend in FL. Mailed those off. I forgot to take a picture, of course, but they were really cute.

I'm half way through the hood of Lorelei's wallaby. She tried it on yesterday and it fit great. Then she started putting my knitting needles in her mouth, pretending they were musical instruments.

I've been limiting Lorelei's candy consumption to 1-2 pieces a day. The good thing - she doesn't over do it on the sugar. The bad - this is still more sugar than she needs on a daily basis and this way it will last forever. But I've been good and haven't touched her stash. I'm not sure how long my self control will last though.

Happy Monday!

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