Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I admit it ...

I missed a day of posting. And it's not even the holidays yet. Why would someone decide that November was a good month to write a novel, blog post, knit a sweater, etc. when it's a short month with one of the largest holidays of the year? I admit short months are good for blog posting, but for writing a novel and knitting a sweater wouldn't you want a month with an extra day?

I was hoping that this month of posting would help me to get a routine of posting started, help me find my "voice", and really rev up my little blog. I'm not sure it's helped. Also, I admit, I did not officially sign up for NaBloPoMo because I assumed I'd fail.

Anway, still knitting the same old stuff. Lorelei is still not potty-trained. I'm not traveling for Thanksgiving. Same old, same old.

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